Director Operations

POSITION PURPOSE:                               Responsible for strategic planning, organizing, and directing the regional activities of the Operations Department.  Develops related budgets, directs operation, transportation and maintenance departments and oversees leasing contracts.  Ensures that all buildings, grounds, and equipment are well maintained and in optimal working condition.  Develops and implements departmental policies and procedures and ensures that all operations are in accordance with established health and safety regulations. Keeps Senior Management well informed of area activities and significant problems.  Trains, directs, and appraises assigned personnel. EEO / VETERANS / DISABLED ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND BASIC DUTIES:  Responsible for the regional planning, development, and implementation of effective operations policies, procedures, and planning.   Assists Senior Management in developing short and long term goals and plans.  Assists with long term budget projections. Executes established operational goals and ensures that corporate wide plans are complemented and supported. Assists in developing policies and procedures for facilities operations.  Conducts periodic reviews of existing policies and procedures to ensure maximum efficiency. Ensures appropriate and effective research projects are developed and implemented. Responsible for the effective operation of Company facilities. Ensures the security of all Company facilities.  Conducts inspections of security systems and implements improvements as necessary. Manages space planning.  Ensures that the facility layout will accommodate present and future operational and space requirements. Conducts periodic inspections of DCs, assesses problems and needs, and implements improvements in operations as appropriate. Coordinates maintenance activities.  Ensures that facilities are clean, well maintained, and in good repair. Directs preventive maintenance procedures as appropriate. Ensures that Operations are in compliance with established procedures, policies, regulations and codes. Responsible for ensuring the efficient and cost effective administration of Operations.   Completes financialforecasting duties, and generates schedules for building expenditures. Ensure compliance with legal regulations and that OSHA requirements are effectively implemented. Ensure facilities operations are cost effective, efficient, and within established budget constraints. Responsible for ensuring professional business relations with vendors, contractors, and trade professionals.  Obtains and conveys information as appropriate. Promotes goodwill and a positive image of the Company. Effectively supervises Facilities Department personnel, ensuring optimal performance. Provides leadership to assigned personnel through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication.  Conducts regular meetings to ensure that personnel are well informed of changes in policies and procedures.  Discusses areas needing improvement.     Identifies, develops, and implements training programs as appropriate. Conducts performance appraisals.  Provides measurable feedback to assigned personnel and suggestions for improved performance.  Formulates and implements employee corrective actions as needed. Ensures that staffing levels are appropriate.  Interviews, hires, and assigns personnel as necessary. Responsible for related duties as required or assigned and completes special projects as assigned. Perform duties in accordance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) policies and procedures, as appropriate for location. PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS: Regional strategic planning processes are appropriately managed, innovative, and successful. Senior Management is appropriately informed of area activities and of any significant problems. Operations, Transportation and Maintenance personnel are well trained, effective, and efficient.  Appropriate supervision and assistance are provided. Company DC's are well maintained, secure and meet the needs of the Company. Research projects are developed, implemented, analyzed and well applied in achieving corporate goals. Effective business relations exist with vendors, contractors, and trade professionals Required Skills QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification:      Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience in related field. Additional related maintenance and facility management training preferred. Required Knowledge:      Excellent understanding of facility management procedures.  Knowledge of budgeting  Experience Required: Five or more years of related experience, with at least two or more years of supervisory experience. System implementation experience is preferred. Skills/Abilities: Excellent leadership abilities. Able to organize, coordinate, and direct team activities. Strong problem solving skills. Good communications skills. Able to use all related maintenance equipment and computer applications. 16841-935
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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